Haku here.

Current projects I assist:

Bastard Magic Instructor, TL’d by Joeglens

Close Combat Mage by 云天空, TL’d by TaffyGirl13

Devouring The Heavens by Xiami XL, TL’d by Pan

Saint’s Recovery Magic (No matter how I see the Saint’s Recovery Magic, It’s a Deteriorated Version of Mine) by きなこ軍曹 AKA Sergeant Kinako, TL’d by Kookie

Mythical Tyrant by Ting Fei Yun, TL’d by Just a Normal Guy.

No Fatigue by 天宮暁, AKA AMAMIYA Akura, TL’d by Kookie.

Peerless Martial God by Jing Wu Hen, TL’d by Notsane

No longer doing, but done did do:

Starting From Zero  by Thunderstorm, TL’d by Choco, no longer a project.

Dragon-Blooded War God by Feng Qing Yang, TL’d by OneManArmy





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