Things I read:  With group and why! (20% filled out)

Chinese stuff

Against The Gods by Mars Gravity, TL’d by Alyschu & Co.

Oh… where to start with Smooth Che. He’s great, OP MC who started out from the bottom, and is somewhere around…. there. Many chapters, exciting story. Don’t miss out on it!

Battle Through The Heavens by Heavenly Silkworm Potatoes and mash (might be incorrect, who knows), TL’d by GravityTales’ GGP, hosted on WuxiaWorld

I highly enjoy BTTH, it’s one of the novels I suggest when I get people into the world of Xianxia. It’s an amazing read, with the downside of being released at a slow and steady pace. GIVE ME 500 chapters a week, please!

Coiling Dragon by I Eat Tomatoes, TL’d by RedWingXylophone (AKA Ren Woxing)

Coiling Dragon is a (finally caught up) work that has pretty great storytelling and much adventure. With neato characters and OP ability, some sad moments, tons of rage, I highly suggest reading it.

Dominion’s End by Yu Wo, TL’d by Prince Revolution


Douluo Dalu by Tan Jia San Shao, TL’d by Bagelson

Douluo Dalu is an awesome read, one of my favorites. It was one of my firsts, and I reread it constantly, due to how good it is.

Heavenly Jewel Change by Tan Jia San Shao, TL’d by Zen, hosted on WuxiaWorld

HJC is an awesome novel by an awesome novelist. TJSS is an author I’d read over and over again, just because it’s TJSS.

Immortal God Emperor by 乱世狂刀(Chaosblade?), TL’d by Aran24

IGE is awesome. I highly suggest reading it. MC’s gonna be OP as heck, I can feel it. Aran’s also a cool dude, say hello for me!

Martial God Asura by Kindhearted Bee, TL’d by Flowerbridgetoo

MGA is a great read, in my opinion. It’s quite violent, and I enjoy that very much! Kindhearted Bee is also a pretty cool dude, he’s actually given us, the English speakers, a shoutout! Respect to him.

Martial Emperor Reborn by 残剑啊啊啊啊, TL’d by Ceruleonice

A slightly darker MC, much more violent in comparison to some of the other xianxia out there. Still, definitely enjoyable. Not gonna spoil too much out there.

Mythical Tyrant by 云霆飞, TL’d by Just A Normal Guy, hosted on NovelsNao

Another great xianxia read, I look forward to reading it whenever a new chapter is released. Read away, friends. Read away.

Skyfire Avenue by Tan Jia San Shao, TL’d by Xiao Lai.

Skyfire Avenue, an amazing read. It’s got a little bit of everything, and it does everything well. There’s culture and relaxing side bits. There’s cultivating badassery. There’s mechapiloting finesse and spaceships!

Tales of Demons and Gods by 发飙的蜗牛 (which is some sort of strange snail), TL’d by ThyAeria, who’s now hosted on WuxiaWorld

Nie Li the troll. Pretty good read. Some moments I don’t like, but I continue reading for the awesome story.

Tempered Immortal  by Magic Rain, Previously MTL’d by Saber, now TL’d by blcx

It’s an interesting read where the MC doesn’t have anything *good* going for him except DETERMINATION, and that DETERMINATION gave him gains.

The Great Ruler by Heavenly Silkworm Potato, TL’d by jn19930, hosted by WuxiaWorld

TGR is awesome. By the same author as BTTH and WDQK, I highly advise reading it.

The Gate of Good Fortune by 鹅是老五, MTL’d by DemonKiller

TGOGF? It’s a decent read I picked up fairly recently. It’s MTL which I tend to shy away from, but is a pretty decent one at that. Read it!

Transcending The Nine Heavens by 风凌天下, TL’d by WalktheJiangHu

One of my most favorite novels, the MC is absolutely fantastic! I highly suggest it. 24/7, 366.

True Martial World by Cocooned Cow, TL’d by CKTalon, Hosted on GravityTales

Good story. Just started up. I would still suggest reading it, because I’ve got the feeling it’ll be awesome!

Wu Dong Qian Kun By 天蚕土豆 AKA Heavenly Silkworm Potato, TL’d by Yellawlaw, hosted by WuxiaWorld

WDQK is another novel by Heavenly Silkworm Potato, and I also advise reading it.

Ze Tian Ji by 猫腻 AKA Mao Ni, (formerly) TL’d by binggo&corps, now TL’d by bbkgs, hosted on Shiroyukineko.

This is a two parter for links. Shiroyukineko will be from 105 Onwards, and from 1-104 will be Binggo&corps.

Ze Tian Ji is an awesome novel with the first 100 or so chapters based around pure wit and know-how, while after will be a mix of know-how and pure, unadulterated OP power!

Japanese stuff

(IDK JP Authors, RIP Me)

 Skill Taker’s World Domination Building a slave harem from scratch MTL’d by Andrew(not me)

The quality of this MTL is perfectly fine, and readable. It’s a Japanese work that I would suggest, yep!


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